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Bellhop Logistics: How we save you money and just how we make our money.

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Did you ever wonder, "did that BOGO really save me money?"

You see it all of the time "Buy one get one free." Loyalty points that you rack up when you spend so much money with a department store card, or even same as cash coupons you can use in-store and online.

Although it feels that way, are we really getting the SUPER deal we think we are? More than likely, no. Any savvy business is not going to risk losing money and when you see the word FREE at the end of the sentence, it's not uncommon to feel skeptical about the real price you pay for free.

Bellhop Logistics knows that when we say Free Shipping Analysis or Free Consultation, people already get this feeling of "FREE eh?" and that's because of the above examples!

We're not shy to tell you that we're in the business of making money. We all need to make a living somehow, but what we offer can typically fade to the background with all the noise you consumers get bombarded with!

Our business model is simple:

  1. We have a much larger shipping volume than most companies due to our network of clients.

  2. Because of that, we offer you a rate that's typically 30%-40% less than what you're currently paying.

  3. Our rate is usually somewhere between 5% and 10% lower than the rate we pass along to you.

It's a mutual partnership, so while you save, we earn! We charge you absolutely nothing for the program and we're able to offer you additional perks like:

A. Free to use shipping software that connects with all types of market places, shopping carts, etc.

B. Our Logistics Concierge service: Ongoing support, communication and reliable service whenever you need it!

C. End-to-end logistics services for the small and big shipments whether domestic or international. AND MUCH MORE!

So when we say the word FREE, you can remove the quotation marks, because we mean it!

We're very methodical in how we work and always analyze your data up front enabling us to offer you accurate cost savings analyses that offer you perspective and can forecast the opportunity for you!

Remember that our Name, Bellhop Logistics is a reminder to us and to our clients that our focus is always catering to the needs of YOU and changing the experience and expectations you have of the logistics world!

To get in touch and learn about how much we can save you, click on the Image below or visit us at:

Contact us at:


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