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The corona virus pandemic has created a new way of living for all of us.

New and old territory: E-Commerce has BOOMED!

As a retailer or online seller, E-commerce has dramatically increased for everyone and RIGHT NOW is a good time to look at managing your costs of doing business.

Shipping costs are ever evolving and the

pandemic has shown us just how quickly the carriers (UPS and FedEx) can change their service guides and cost structures.

For example:

  • Removing the guarantee – Early on this year, FedEx and UPS have removed time definite guarantees for all services. Meaning you cannot claim a refund when a shipment didn’t make it’s cut off.

  • Increased Surcharges – Just a couple of examples are: Temporary Peak Surcharges (which have just now spilled into a holiday peak surcharge) and increased handling for large packages. Just to name two.

Now you might be thinking, “I just need to keep pushing product out, I don’t have time to review shipping costs” and we hear you!

This is why it’s even more crucial now, to have a partner in logistics that can be an extension

to you and your team and can take on the time-consuming reviews of your shipping data. More importantly, you need someone to be standing along side you that knows where to push and how hard to push on the carriers to get you and your business the custom solutions that you deserve and that will make a real difference in what you pay and how much you profit!

Bellhop Logistics has the experience reviewing and finding gems of opportunity in your supply chain. We can be as involved as you need and take on all of the workload, presenting you with the figures, options and solutions that typically take little to no change to achieve greatness!

Bellhop Logistics is your partner and muscle in Small Parcel, Freight and Logistics Consulting. We look forward to the opportunity of serving you and elevating your experience!

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